About Us

Welcome to Atlantic Frozen Foods,
your source for quality fruits
and vegetables from the heart.

Atlantic Frozen Foods offers a cost-efficient, fully integrated supply chain to distribute our products in a timely manner. With over 2,500 farms owned, operated or contracted by Atlantic Frozen Foods, we have access to both conventional and organic products. We are committed to producing a quality product by following strict food safety and quality standards. Our growing fields follow GAP standards, SQF, BRC, USDA, and Organic certifications for all of our processing facilities. With growing fields located in Turkey, Belgium, Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Chile and Peru, it is safe to say we have product on hand, and quality at heart.

Port Canaveral - Packaging Facility - Atlantic Frozen Foods

Our ‘Field-to-Frozen in 5-Hours!’ promise ensures the highest quality products by sealing in the freshness of our fruits and vegetables.

Atlantic Frozen Foods state-of-the-art, packing facility calls the Sunshine state home. Conveniently located in Port Canaveral, Florida, not only can we unload raw materials and store them directly in our on-site warehouse, we can reach 30% of the United States population within just one transit day. This ensures the efficiency needed to uphold the quality of our fruits and vegetables.

With such a wide variety of resources we can satisfy the needs of retail, food service and industrial customers.

Our equipment and staff have the capability to pack a variety of packaging types, such as bottom gusseted and pillow, poly bags with the option to use both printed and clear bags. Our abilities diversify again with our capability to pack in 10-, 12-, 20-, 32-, 48-, 64-, and even 80-ounce packages for retail.

These skills allow us to build club pack, bag-in-a-bag, and steamtable packaging, with the option to present your product in a hand-packed, display case. Our services continue with the ability to provide products for industrial and food-service-friendly sizes ranging from 20 to 35 pounds.

Carrot Machine - Packaging Facility - Atlantic Frozen Foods